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We have all experienced an arm going to sleep or the sensation of 'pins and needles'. When this occurs it is due to the blocking of a sensory nerve. This impingement must be removed because it leads to a decrease in input from the blocked nerve to the brain. When the impingement is removed normal sensation will return. This numbness or tingling sensation can be brought on by many causes.

For example sitting or standing in the same position for a long time, injuring a nerve, pressure, lack of blood supply to an area, migraines, carpal tunnel syndrome, and many others. The spine is one of the most common places for nerve irritation to occur as a result of subluxation or a herniated disk. Numbness and tingling can be felt in the shoulder, arm or fingers because of nerve pressure in the cervical spine. Numbness and tingling can also be felt in the ribcage or middle back due to thoracic spine. Numbness and tingling felt in the buttock, leg or foot is a result of the lumbosacral area of the spine.

You may have pain stemming from the spine (felt in numbness or tingling) but you may not experience pain in the spine, this is because some fibers feel pain, while others control movement of the body and basic functions of life.
Numbness and Tingling and a Chiropractor

The main concern for Dr. Bowman and Walter in relieving numbness and tingling sensations is to remove the interference on the nerve. The interference is called a subluxation. Several studies show the benefits of chiropractic care to relieve nerve irritation resulting in numbness and tingling.

Specific spinal adjustments help to normalize spinal reflexes, which corrects the messages that are sent through your body to the spinal cord. At Walter Chiropractic Clinic, our doctors are committed to help relieve the numbness and tingling pain through chiropractic care for patients in and around the Roanoke, Virginia area.



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