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Spinal Conditions

If you have found yourself limping, dealing with back pain or having odd sensations in your legs and feet, you may be struggling with spinal stenosis. This chronic, progressive condition can severely limit your quality of life unless you get the proper treatment for it. Fortunately, our team at Walter Chiropractic Clinic may be able to help you control your pain and other symptoms without reaching for pharmaceuticals or submitting to major surgery.

Stenosis is a condition in which the bony canal that encloses your spinal cord becomes narrower in diameter. This puts pressure on the spinal cord, which becomes less able to transmit and receive the nerve impulses that govern sensation and motor control. As a result you may have difficulty moving one or both legs normally, or you may experience "pins and needles" or pain in the lower extremities.

The symptoms may grow more pronounced when you have been standing or walking for a while. Causes of stenosis may include an abscess or tumor inside the spinal canal, degenerating bone or cartilage, a traumatic injury to the vertebrae or a spinal misalignment.

While some of the causes listed above may require surgical intervention, many cases of stenosis can be handled through non-invasive treatment. If your condition is caused or aggravated by a spinal misalignment, for instance, our chiropractor, Dr. Bowman and Walter, can perform the necessary chiropractic adjustments to correct the problem; they can also prescribe back exercises and other wellness measures to help you keep your alignment and symptoms under control.

Since nerve impairment can also cause other health problems, these adjustments and other techniques can help you maintain your overall health as well. If your condition does require surgery, of course our chiropractors can refer you to the appropriate person -- but we urge you to investigate other options first. Let us see if we can control your stenosis the natural way!



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