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What Our Patients Say

"I had accepted that I would live with a stiff and painful shoulder for the rest of my life. I would have come to you years ago if I had known you could help." -MPV, Roanoke

"Years of pain killers for migraine headaches had taken its toll on me. A few visits with Dr. Walter and I haven't taken a pill since." - DP, Floyd

"I hadn't slept through the night in 5 months due to a stiff and painful neck. Following a couple of treatments, I finally had a full night's sleep. I'm only sorry I waited 5 months." JR, Daleville

"My legs hurt most of the time... but especially at night. Periodic adjustments and an exercise program took care of the discomfort I suffered for years." - ESV, Roanoke

​​​​​​​"After taking medications with no relief, I thought I would just have to live with the lower back pain. I not only am out of pain now but my family says I'm much easier to be around. Thanks to Dr. Walter and his staff!" - GL, Salem

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