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I have been going to Dr Benjamin Bownan for many years. He looks after his patients . He listens to your concerns and gives you his honest advice what you need to do. I travel 1 hour every 2 weeks to Roanoke Yes he is that good of a dr..

Charlotte S.

I would highly recommend Dr. Bowman if you need a quality chiropractor. Dr Bowman's outgoing personality and expertise have always helped me feel confident in the treatment I am receiving.

Jordan H.

“I can tell Dr Bowman treats each patient as an individual and spends the appropriate time diagnosing and treating each of our specific needs. If needed he is thorough enough to do therapy, x-rays, and referrals to other specialists all while providing top quality chiropractic care. I have been adjusted by chiropractors AROUND THE WORLD and he is one of the best.

Sunny W

“Dr Walker is a great chiropractor who focuses on an individuals specific pain and gets to know each person on a more personal level. He is also very funny and makes the patient feel very comfortable! Would recommend 110%!

Mike P.

“This is a great place to get chiropractic work done. The staff are awesome and Dr.Bowman takes time to listen and really understands what is going on with your health.

Amy C.


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